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Solzman/Cohen/Schindler Branch

Irving & Ruth Solzman - Jerry & Ted's Parents
Wedding Anniversary
Jerry's Brother Ted Solzman
At Marc Solzman's Bar Mitzva, with son David & Cousin Linda Becker Weinstein


For those of you that are descendants of Ruben Schindler or Moshe Kaganovitch, here is an explanation of how some of you are related to the Solzman family tree.


Moshe Kaganovitch had two grandchildren of which, we are aware, Julius and Saul.


Julius married Dora, the granddaughter of David Solzman.  Therefore, the descendants of Saul Kaganovitch are only related to the children of Julius and Dora.


Two of the children of Dora and Julius Kaganovitch married descendants of Ruben Schindler.  The children of Julius changed their name to Cohen upon arrival in America.


Louis Cohen married Hattie Klein, the daughter of Laban and Bossa Klein.

Therefore, the descendants of Louis Cohen and Hattie Klein are related to the descendants of David Solzman.


The other son, Edward A. Cohen (Alec Cohen), married Jettie Brenner, the daughter of Chaim and Hannah Brenner. Therefore, the descendants of Alec and Jettie Cohen are related to the descendants of David Solzman.


Jerry Solzman maintains an updated family tree for the Kaganovitch and Schindler descendants.  Please keep him updated with regards to family life cycle events!

Pop Edward Alec Cohen
Daniel Solzman (son of Jerry Solzman) writes:
"According to Aunt Evy, Grandpa Julius Kaganovitch (Cohen) was a grocery store owner.  The following site contains the photo of Pop Edward Alec Cohen http://www.muhlenbergcountyky.com/page1.html."  The text under the photo is:
"E. A. Cohen came from Poland to Clarksville, Tn.  Worked as a pack peddler in Christian & Muhlenberg Counties.  He settled in Greenville and soon saved money to buy this horse and wagon.  photo ca 1904."
It is a photo album of Muhlenberg county.  If you wish, you can click on the picture and visit that site. 

Edward Cohen 1904
Provided by Daniel Solzman