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Kaganovich/Cohen Branch

Kaganovich/Cohen Decendants

Mickey and Stuart Schulman hail from Miami, Florida.  Mickey presents her parents, grandchildren and aunt and uncle in the photos shown below.

Dave Cohen son of Julius Jacob and Dora (Solzman) Kaganovitch.  He married Elizabeth Katz in 1925. 

Dave and Elizabeth Cohen
Mickey Schulman's Parents

Mickey proudly presents her grandchildren:
Jamie and Samantha, children of her daughter Katie and husband Howard Greenfield.

Brittany, Amanda (twins) and Benjamin, children of her son Samuel and wife Elizabeth.

Mickey writes: "Jamie is right behind me, Benjamin on my lap.  Samantha in green shirt, Brittany aganist Jamie's arm, Amanda in front of Brittany.

There is nothing like grandchildren !"

Pround Grandmother Mickey Schulman
Dave Cohen's great grandchildren

Dave's Sister, Agnes Cohen
Gus and Agnes Abroms at their 25th Anniversay

Decendants of Dora Solzman:

Decendants of Dora Solzman Cohen
David b. 1998,Leonard b. 1996 Edgar b. 1991
Proud Parents are Mark & Ada Cohen photo taken 2001

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